Sequence Diagram - ref fragment

Is there a way to create a “ref” fragment box in a Sequence Diagram? I couldn’t find it as an option. I saw “alt, opt, loop, etc…” but no ref to indicate the action points to another sequence diagram. Also, how can I display a “1” on a lifeline object to indicate that its a Singleton?

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Hello millerwf,

You can create “ref” combined fragment using the Interaction Use button (see attached pic). Feel free to contact me if you need any help.

Best regards,

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Thanks Rain,
I figured it out last night, but still have a couple of issues.

  1. Once I’ve gotten the “ref” fragment how do I get a pointer (message) from a lifeline to the “ref” fragment?
  2. How do I display a lifeline object as a singleton in the diagram. In the examples I’ve seen in books and the internet, a singleton in a sequence diagram typically has a “1” in the upper right corner of the object. I can’t see anyway to show this concept. Is it even possible?



Any help???

Hello Millerwf,

We are sorry that we do not support modeling singleton in the lifeline using the “1”. In fact, it seems the “1” inside lifeline is not a standard in UML notation. May I know where you find this?

BTW, I think you can create your own stereotype for lifeline to model the singleton behavior.

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