Sequence diagram: The new "Draw by keyboard"-Tab kills diagram Layout

Since the last update, I have a problem with the sequence diagram layout:
When I open a project and open an existing sequence diagram, the new text area - designed for editing the diagram by keyboard - is shown over the whole sequence diagram. When I minimize it, some (but not all) captions are moved to the upper left edge of the diagram. The only way to put them back to position is by dragging them by hand. “Reset Caption Position” does not solve this problem. When I close the project (without saving it) and reopen it again, the tab is still there (the last viewed diagram is still opened), but after minimizing it, the captions are on the right places. In othe diagrams, the problem remains. So the only diagram, the captions remain on the right places is the one opened right after the program start.
This is quite annoying as I often need to open older projects and re-use some of the diagrams and now I have to always select the diagram I want to re-use and reopen the project. Besides that, I am do not dare to change anything and save the project for I am simply afraid of losing all of the diagrams but the currently open one.
I suppose this is a bug? Here are some screenshots to visualize the problem. I hope it helps.

Thank You in advance,


btw: I am using the Standard edition SP1 with latest updates (as to Dec. 3rd 2009).


Hi David,

Thanks for your post and details, and we are sorry about the problem. Would you mind to attach your project, and backup (.vpp~xx where xx is a number) for investigation?
Also, could you please tell me which sequence diagram has such problem? Thanks in advance!

By the way, recently we fixed a problem relates to sequence message, I suggest you update to latest patch (build sp1_20091203v or later) to get the bug fix. More details about updating to latest patch can be found from:

Best regards,
Lilian Wong

Hello Lilian,

I am afraid I am not allowed to send you the real project, but I took the time to create a sample project, where the problem occurs too.
The project has been created with the community edition (Build sp1_20091127), on my workplace I use the same build in standard edition.
Here are the steps to reproduce the “bug”:
By “the Tab”, I refer to the “Text editing area” promoted on your homepage as the “Interaction Modeling by Keyboard”.

  1. Open the project, “Diagram 1” should be visible, with the Tab covering the diagram itself.
  2. Minimize the tab, everything looks nice
  3. Switch to “Diagram 2”. Again, the Tab covers the diagram
  4. Minimize the tab. The messages (have a look on the message number sequence) are messed.
  5. Reopen the project (directly after step 4)
  6. Now, “Diagram 2” looks pretty, “Diagram 1” is messed. I suppose the Diagram shown on program start looks always fine, all the other diagrams show the described behaviour.

Best Regards,

David O.
vp-Bug Testproject.vpp

Hi Lilian,

I just applied the latest patch (1203). I take everything back and assert the contrary :). The issue seems to be solved. Thank you for your support and sorry for the waste of time.

David O.

Hi David O.,

Thanks for replying and it’s good that the latest build solves the problem. If there is anything we can help again, please let us know.

Best regards,
Lilian Wong