Sequence Diagrams Arrows

Hi there,

I’ve been having a big problem on my Sequence Diagrams. Sometimes, whenever I re-open my project, some of the communication arrows, are all messed up, on the top left corner of the diagram. I can’t really know why! Sometimes I re-open the project and everything is ok, but other times not and I have to draw the diagram all over again which is very annoying!
Am I missing something?

Thank you!

Hi user,

Thanks for your post and we are sorry about the problem. This problem should be fixed in latest patch, could you please update your software to latest patch (sp1_20091223d or later) and see if the sequence message problem persists?

For your information, update to latest patch can be found from:

If the latest patch does not solve the problem, would you mind to attach your project file for checking?
If you do not want the project to be accessed by public, please send to

Best regards,
Lilian Wong