Sequence Diagrams - showing arguments and returns

Hi All,

I am trying to document the sequence of events within a system and use the sequence diagram to show the operation parameters and the return values. I can show the parameters of the calling function but not the return…

I’ll attach the diagrams at the end but for now assume that I have two classes - iActionController and iAction.

iActionController has one method GetAction() which returns an instance of iAction.

In the seq diagram I draw a lifeline and it gives me the chance to select GetAction() and it knows that the return is iAction - see diagam. However, when I create a return message I would expect it to show that the return message gives back an object iAction.

Currently, the return message is blank - I can manually type in what the return type is but given that the system knows what the operation is and what the return is surely it should show it by default?

Does this make sense? Its just so that when I give a load of seq diagrams to my developers they have a nice reference set of documentation that shows the process flow and what gets returned from each method…

Sequence Diagram1.jpg