Sequence Diagrams


I am currently developing some sequence diagrams.

How do I create an Option combined fragment? I can see how to do the Alternative and the Loop, but what about if I just have an ‘if’ with no else? I need to create a combined fragment with the ‘opt’ keyword.


Hi Michael,

Please right-click on the combined fragment and select Operator Kind > Opt from the popup menu.

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Thanks for that Jick. I knew it was there somewhere, but couldn’t find a reference to it in the help.

Now that I have the Option fragment, how do I set the condition that triggers that fragment (e.g. “isValid == true”).

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Hello Michael,

I think that you have to define the Guard of the interaction operand, is it?

  1. Right-click on the combined fragment
  2. Select Open Specification from the popup menu
  3. Open the Interaction Operands tab
  4. Select the first interaction operand and click the Open Specification button
  5. Open the Guard tab
  6. Define the Guard there

Please let me know if this is what you are looking for.

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Thanks again, Jick! That is exactly what I was looking for!


You are welcome :smiley: