Sequence & interaction diagrams:What's the difference & how do you create

I am new to modeling. I am trying to understand the difference between a sequence diagram and an interaction diagram. Is the interaction diagram created from the sequence diagram? I have created a sequence diagram. I tried going to the Interaction Overview thinking that this is where I create the interaction but I am unable to determine how to do it.
I would appreciate some assistance in this manner.

Hi km,

Sequence Diagram is a kind of Interaction Diagram.

Excerpt from OMG UML specification:
Interaction diagrams come in different variants. The most common variant is the Sequence Diagram that focuses on the Message interchange between a number of Lifelines. Communication Diagrams show interactions through an architectural view where the arcs between the communicating Lifelines are decorated with description of the passed Messages and their sequencing.
Interaction Overview Diagrams are a variant of Activity Diagrams that
define interactions in a way that promotes overview of the control flow.

Hope this helps!

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