Setting a workspace

I have installed VP Suite 5.3 and am unable to set the workspace.
On every launch it goes back to the default path.

Same thing here.
I just installed VP UML standard edition (8.3 Build sp2_20120209) on Windows XP Pro SP3.

I tried the tips given here without success :
- I have full rights on the installation folder of VP Suite,
- There is no file named .vpworkspaceinfo in the bin folder or in my user home.

Another person had the same issue and complained that the default workspace configuration is set in the installation folder :

I found a solution to this problem : i created a text file named ".vpworkspaceinfo" in the bin folder containing the following lines :

The first line is the path to the default workspace.
The second line is valued to "false" if you want to use automatically the default workspace, or "true" if you want to have the dialog box.
The next lines are the possible values for workspace paths in the combolist.

Hope this helps !

Thank you, the above solution worked :).