Shape Alignment

I have 15 shapes in a vertical flow. A few gateways make part of that flow. From the gateways a few parallel flows start en merge back into he main flow.

I cannot align the Tasks AND the flows.
If I use the layout tools then the gateways size change and the flows change position where the flow connects somewhere at a side instead of a corner.
If I try to use a vertical center alignment then the shapes move a bit but certainly do not align.
What am I doing wrong? :?: :?:

Hi Elbert,

Could you send me your project along with the steps so that we can repeat your problems? Thank you.

Best regards,

Hi Jick,

See the attached project.

If you:

  1. select task3, gateway and task 4
  2. Align Vertical Center

Reault Gateway is not centered.

(I work with Win 2000)

Hi Elbert,

It is because the ‘Align to Grid’ option is on. As this is on, the gateway must ‘stick’ to the grid line, and make it unable to position accurately. If you switch off this option (right-click on the diagram -> Grid -> Snap to Grid), the gateway will align properly.

Best regards,