Silent Installation / Unattended

is there any way to get an unattended / silent way of installation? The “Visual Paradigm for UML with no-Install” still needs a lot of Mouse-clicks, that is not unattended.
How can I choose product and edition from commandline?
It is possible to choose the targetdir, why not the edition?

Thank you

PS: I tried it with:
\V_Para_6.2\CD\Application\VP_Suite_Windows_3_2.exe -q -overwrite -dir c:\Programme\VPM_Standard

Hi user,

Thank you for your post. You can follow the steps below to run the slient installation.

  1. put the attached file “install_config.xml” in the same folder of the installer file.
  2. edit the “install_config.xml” (edit as install=“true” for the node with id=“vpuml”, edit as install=“false” for other products you do not want to install)
  3. make sure the edition of VP-UML is correct
  4. open the command prompt and execute
    %VP_Suite_Installer.exe% -q -dir %INSTALLATION_LOCATION%

After that it will perform the slient installation. You can check the suite_installer.log file about the progress of the installation. Once the installation has been completed, it will print out “[Installation Completed]” to the log file. I hope this can help.

Best regards,
Lilian Wong

Thank You for this helpful Information.
One Item is important:
The installer wants to create some log-files in the source-directory - this is not everywhere possible…
A real silent installation was only possible after copying the sourcefile into a temp directory.

^Gis revidon

Hi user,

I would like to notify you that the problem of silent installation is fixed and deployed. Please download and try the patch in the following link.

To use the patch:

  1. Exit any running instance of VP
  2. Install by overwriting the current installation
  3. Restart the product.

Note: This patch is made for VP Suite 3.2 SP1 (VP-UML 6.2 SP1). Please make sure you have a valid product license. Otherwise you won’t be able to start up the product after the installation.

If you need any help, please feel free to contact me again.

Best regards,
Lilian Wong