Simpler XML or CSV format for Import of Application Components to ArchiMate Model

Hi Team,

Is there a simple XML format ( preferably CSV or JSON ) that I can use to import Application Components to a ArchiMate Model. I have to import Application Components from a old system that we use to a VP ArchiMate model ( taking care to not create duplicates ) - maybe just the id, description and name to begin with. I can get a extract in the CSV or XML format and would like to import that into VP “within its own Model”. I tried exporting a existing ArchiMate Diagram to a Excel but VP has its own native format like this one


It also has another Worksheet in it called SYSTEM that warns to not modify it - consisting of some generated ids. It is not easy to modify this programmatically is the initial impression that I got. Can you please provide a simpler Excel/ CSV/ JSON format that can help import.

If I cannot import from a simpler Excel format directly - then 2nd preference would be to use the Open API & write code to do the import. Any examples of how to do this with Application Components linked to a Location/ Organization

Thanks a lot

You can export a xlsx from a dummy project + dummy application component,
and fill in yours application components into the xlsx and import into your project.

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Btw, does the old system support exporting ArchiMate Model ExChange File Format (
That exports your archimate diagrams & model elements into a XML file.

If yes, you can import that xml file into VP directly.

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Unfortunately No :frowning: