is there a plan for simulation (just adding times to the activities) ?


Hi cheerio,

Thank you for the kind suggestion. Do you mean to show the flow of business processes dynamically on the diagram?

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Hi Jick,
what i mean is to put times on the activities which shows how long they will take to finish. maybe two input fields for best and worst case. so when you simulate the whole process at the end you will see how long the process will take in best and worst case. just simple in the first step, not graphic ;o)


Hi cheerio,

This sounds a good idea. Let me forward your suggestion to our developers. I will let you know how they response.

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Hi Jick
Did you get any answer from the developers? It is important topic, I believe …

Hi Mark,

Sorry for my late response. Could you let me know how this feature could be benefitial to you? Do you see this feature in other tools? Our suggestion is to put the estimated time in the documentation field. Is this enough for you?

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Hi Jick,
It is an excellent feature for process estimation. It is more or less easy to find out estimated time for primitive tasks but it is really hard work to calculate possible execution time for whole process for synchronization purposes. I can imagine a system, which allows displaying accumulated time for every sub process and task, for every separate flow path with minimum and maximum traversal time.
I realize the problems of implementing of such functionality because of merging of flows but anyway it could be great and competitive feature.
I have never seen this feature in other products, but since I have purchased Visual-Paradigm products I really admire the functionality, cleaver solutions and not less excellent support, that why I expect implementing such kind of functionality.

Thanks Mark,

I will let our developers know about your thoughts.

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Hi Jick,
Unfortunately process execution time (traversal time) is not supported by BPMN specification that’s why I don’t believe that your developers will take this idea pretty seriously. On the other hand you don’t need to be an oracle to predict that the idea will come through in the closest future. I guess some companies are already working on implementing of this feature, look at and and maybe others.

Hello all,

I am currently doing consulting work for a local business, and they are very interested in the possible applications of the Visual Paradigm suite and BPMN. Right now I am working on modeling business processes in BPMN and feel our situation is a perfect example of where this topic was going.

Currently the company uses Microsoft Project to plan out their projects and processes. From there they export the project to excel and use in-house software to extract the data from the spreadsheets into their Access DB. From there they load the data into their eGroupWare structure (mySQL).

What they want to do is be able to do this using the VP suite (if this is possible). The roadblock we are at now is that Project has more functionality than BPMN allows for, specifically the allowcation of resources and tracking process duration. Is there any way BPVA can achieve the same thing? This would be an extremely valuable tool and would make the software in high demand in the field.

Any thoughts on if this is possible?

Dave from tSquared

also, Is there any way to export the BPMN file to Microsoft Project? Or create flags so that Project can find the data when BPVA exports a diagram to excel?

Thanks everyone for your support, you’re the best!!

taux pret auto

So has this timing thing be sorted?

I am just looking at the simulation side of things, and it would be nice if we could have something showing that. Aris does something like that.


Hi all users,

We are sorry that simulation is already on our list but there is no time frame yet. At the moment we have a feature that can help you to play the paths in your business process - it’s called Animacian.
With Animacian, you can make the flows alive and watch them by movie. You can even export the animation to flash so you need not install BP-VA for viewing the flows. Please find more details about Animacian from:

Hope this helps your modeling on business flows. Please feel free to have a post if you have any inquiry or suggestion, your feedback is always welcome!

FYI, Animacian is supported in BP-VA Animacian Edition, VP-UML/SDE Enterprise Edition and Agilian Professional Edition.

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Lilian Wong