Small Visual Paradigm logo in Printing

Does anyone know how to disable the small Visual Paradigm logo
or to place it to the left top corner

Can you give me more information about “logo”? Where is it from?

[quote=Rain]Can you give me more information about “logo”? Where is it from?[/quote]This is only with printouts and exported images when using the Community Edition, then several watermarks are shown on the background of the images, but I want to know how to get only one line watermark at the top-left corner.

The Community Edition only supports one diagram per diagram type in the project. When you create more than one diagram on either one of the diagram type, you will be prompted to switch to evaluation mode and all output (printing, export diagram into images…) will have pattern watermarks. There is no way to switch the project back to the community model. If you don’t mind, you can send me you project to and we can help you to export the diagram into image files without any watermarks.

Hi Rain,
Thank you for your information.