Smoothness, lines behaviour and pinch zooming on Mac

Dear Developers,

I tried almost all solutions suggested by OMG at their vendor’s page. I was looking for the most comfortable tool to designing diagrams with. My requirements to it are quite rigorous. The aspect of its visual elements behaviour, its conceptual unity in both aesthetics and utility are my primary concerns.

Visual paradigm is almost perfect! All these smart dashed guiding lines visualisation, laconic icons language for shapes interaction on their selection, very wide styles customization ability. Let me suggest a few more improvements. Some of them I met in Xcode when dealt with storyboards.

  1. Please try to reach the equal smoothness of animation during interaction with graphical elements. The difference with Mac OS and any other platform is that the former is advanced in integrity of user’s action and system response, its visualisation part. When you use track pad the precision of your finger tips movement and a displayed shape movement are in a sort of a balance. All happens in equal continuity and rate. Consider adoption of the default system actions smoothness.

  2. I would be grateful if along with “Round rectangler” connections their behaviour could be selectable and a bit more complex too. To reach the same shown here A steady segment of a connection near shape is needed and a bit more flexible movement of the rest part is required.

  3. Is it possible to enable diagonal guiding lines for shapes arrangment? Now they are tied to elements bounding boxes, their orthogonal edges. But in many cases I want to make connection lines parallel to each other and angled to the window edges at the same time, therefore shapes centers need to be positioned on diagonals of bounding boxes.

  4. Dealing with large diagrams I need sometimes to take a look at them from above, so called “bird’s eye” view. But the issue is that I’d like to make it via trackpad through pinch action. This feature is not supported now.

  5. Would you look attentively at antializing results of shape edges in xcode storyboard. Is there a way to get equal roundness of conners? Currently edges in Paradigm are a bit thicker. Making this parameter customizable even through configuration files would be just great.

I hope that my notices may help to enrich your solution features.