Something is misaligning objects

Something I’m doing when editing or saving and later re-opening diagrams is slightly shifting all my objects, as you see here:

All of these objects and flows were originally properly joined up and all were snapped to the grid. After saving the file yesterday, and re-opening it today, they look like this. They no longer line up, there are gaps or overlaps where flows join objects, and nothing is aligned with the grid. To sort this out, I have to go round the diagram, selecting each object or each segment of each flow individually and re-snapping it to the grid. This is extremely time consuming, and is beginning to make BVPA unusable for large and complex diagrams.

What is actually causing this mis-alignment? Is it something I can avoid doing?

Is there an easier way of recovering from one of these events?

Is there any other cure for this problem?

Thanks - Rowan

Hello Rowan,

This seems quite abnormal and would you mind send me your project file to have a look?

Best regards,

Actually it’s worse than I described in my previous e-mail. Sometimes objects are spuriously resized too. This means that even after you have re-snapped everything to the grid, they still don’t line up properly. See the following:

The start event on the left is one I just created, and shows how large this should be. The one on the right with the two flows is one I created previously. It was in the correct place yesterday, but today, after saving the diagram and re-opening it, it has got smaller. This means that it doesn’t line up with the flows. I have re-snapped everything to the grid.

To fix this, for each of these resized objects, I have to create a new object, copy all the properties from the old object, move the incoming and outgoing flows from the old object to the new object, delete the old object and move the new object to the correct position.

Not a good use of my time - Rowan