Source Safe

Does anyone have any experience with SDE for VS when the model has been added to Source Safe?

Dear Dave,
Do you have any problem with the Source safe? Anything we can help.

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I haven’t tried it yet, but I can imagine there would be problems trying to update things from outside visual studio.

I am willing to know about command line interface for using visual source safe.I am grateful to you if you can help me in this regard.
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Not familiar with SDE.

Catherine Sea

Hi Catherine Sea,

Thanks for your post. We have quite a number of flash demo of features of SDE, which are helpful for you to be familiar with SDE. Please visit the following link for the flash demos of SDE:

SDE for Java IDE:

SDE for Visual Studio (SDE-VS):

Hope this helps. If you have any question about SDE, please feel free to have a post again.

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Lilian Wong