Source to target mapping diagram

This may sound like a simple request but I have been trying to find a decent modelling tool that can design a STM (source to target) mapping diagram. There are many tools in production applications for implementation of STM but nothing that I can find for documentation to give to the ETL developers.

This will be a very nice value add
I would also like this

This feature is also required in my work.

And for me also

Me also and a lot of value for DWH projects


Source to target of what ? There is some functionality eg to reference things between things graphically (right click a shape and choose Referenced) of course you can see mappings between elements easilly with the visualise related elements, analysis diagram, matrix and so forth.

Maybe you misunderstand what VP means by ETL but VP isnt for low level detailed descriptions of data transformations - however its very possible to eg have a diagram with entitities on it and then on the same diagram relate those entities to eg BPMN tasks that “transform” data somehow.?

Ive had bpmn diagrams “flowing” data objects and then relate those data opbjects to entities in erd (per here: to give an entity level view of things and also associate rules to further clarify what is going on but that MS Access like attribute linkages view if thats what you want is really not going to be easy.

You can create ETL tables that show every entity, and attributes from other entities it is related to if that helps? And actually have subdiagrams of those tables (the mind boggles !)
Sorry if Ive misunderstood.