Specifying default font attributes

Hello there!

First of all I’d like to mention that I’m very impressed with your product so far. I’m currently evaluating the product for Netbeans due to being extremely unsatisfied with the default UML plugin maintained by (as far as I know) the Netbeans developers.

Alas, I’ve relayed some questions to one of your support colleagues (Ms. Wong who has been most helpful) but since I just noticed this forum I figured my questions were probably better in place here…

I’m wondering if you have any plans on adding support to specify the default font attributes on a per-shape basis? Right now I can specify a color for a particular shape and then make this a default setting. But as far as I can see this isn’t possible for font settings yet. If I haved something obvious then I’d appreciate any points.

Thanks in advance

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Peter Looyenga

Hi Peter Looyenga,

Thanks for your post. You can go to Modeling > Application Options > Diagramming > Shape to configure the default font settings for shapes (covers attributes and operations).
For connectors, please specify the default font settings at Modeling > Application Options > Diagramming > Connector.

  • Please be reminded that the default font settings will be applied to newly created shapes/connectors (i.e. existing shapes and connectors will not be affected).

Best regards,
Lilian Wong