Specifying LIMITs in a Factory list function

Is there anyway to specify that the Factory list function only returns a certain number of records or do we have to extend the Factory class and create our own query? If that’s the case what would the query look like? I tried appending “LIMIT 10” to the where clause and got an error.

Thank you for your email. Currently we do not support specifying the number of items for query out. But we will have it in the next version (DB-VA 3.0) through the Criteria class. More information can be found at http://uml.visual-paradigm.com/uml/VP_Suite_2.1_Early_Access/Object_Relational_Mapping/Criteria_Class_Generation

The early access version for DB-VA 3.0 will be release to public very soon. If you want to have a try now, please send me your name and email address to rain@visual-paradigm.com. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us again.

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