SSO to Teamworkserver doesn't work

When trying to login a new user to teamworkserver, that we host, with azure (the user has been assigned to said server) it gets hit by the following:
Creating a new workspace and redoing the setup doesn’t fix the problem.
The machine visual paradigm is installed was also used by an other user, maybe thismesses up some config files.

May I know is the new user being invited to join your Teamwork Server (login as server admin > Members > Invite Member)?

Hey hi, you can get more information from Team_Collaboration_Guide.pdf (

as far as i know yes, i have to accept somehow don’t i.

Would you please send me some screenshot of the member account from your Teamwork Server so that I can help you to diagnose on it? You can send the screenshot to for checking. Thanks and look forward to hearing from you.