StarUML was supported in version 11 but not anymore in version 16.1

I originally was using UML Modeler v11 and due to company requirements that UMLs need to be visible in StarUML, I had the following workflow:

  1. Create diagrams in VPP Modeler v11
  2. Export to XMI version 1.2
  3. Import diagram into StarUML

Due to the significant functionality updates, I finally upgraded to Standard Edition v16.1. Now I cannot export XMI files that StarUML is able to read. How can I choose to export in older XMI formats? It would be a pain but I might need to still use my old v11 to be able to do the above process. I already tried convincing my employer to upgrade to VPP but it has always been a failed attempt for me.

I will try to install this to StarUML. Hope this works.

I tried using the latest StarUML 3 with no expiration to evaluation license as the version my employer has is the original free version StarUML 1 v5.0.2.1570. I installed the staruml-xmi and it is unable to read the xmi exported by VPP. Based on this, it seems I only have 2 options:

  1. Create diagrams with UML Modeler v11 and export to XMI to be imported by StarUML or
  2. Use StarUML 1 Tools->C+±>Reverse Engineer option to be able to generate class diagrams using StarUML but I will not be able to add the other diagrams I created in VPP to StarUML

In the process I found out that VPP can read XMI from StarUML 1 but not from StarUML 3. So it is looking that is is more a StarUML issue than a VPP issue unless VPP starts supporting outputs from competitors to enable users to make the switch easier to VPP

About StarUML 3
I tried StarUML 3, with its XMI import and export extension

on StarUML 3, I try to create a Class, export xmi, then, import the xmi.
It prompts: Error - Failed to load the file.

and read from its,
Seems its importing is really not working.

About VP export XMI 1.0, 1.2
Sorry, this feature is removed, because we found that XMI 1.0, 1.2 may not be able to match some of UML 2.0’s model structure.

But after your request, we think we should allow our user to have choice to export XMI 1.0, 1.2, even though the output may be an invalid XMI.

Please wait…

Thanks for the reply. With VPP Modeler v11, the XMI 1.2 that I exported with VPP works when importing back into VPP and StarUML 1. I can provide you the installer for StarUML 1 or you can download from as I checked that it is the same version which is StarUML may not be able to create components that it does not understand but as long as it is able to create classes/diagrams out of the parts that it understands then that would unblock me and will let me use the latest VPP version with my employer.

Exporting XMI 1.0 or 1.2 is supported.
Please update the software to latest patch build (20200530cd or later).
Details about update to latest patch can be found at

I tried it out and it works! Thank you very much. There are times when it does not work when the diagram is too advanced but it works for the basic diagrams and that is ok. I can now work using VPP and have StarUML 1 files that is available to anyone who is not using VPP. Win Win solution and issue resolved :smiley: