State and Sequence diagrams


iam new to uml, i want to model a cell phone application, the fact is it seems that i can convey some information with a state diagram
and some other information with the sequence diagram.
i was wondering if it is possible in some way to combine both diagram. And also is possible for example, to combine state and activity diagrams?? if possible, what is the way.

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It is somewhat possible to combine state machines with interactions. This is possible with an interaction overview diagram.

An interaction overview diagram combines activity diagram elements with sequence diagrams. The activity diagram can contain object nodes (and their states) as well as inline interactions.

So you can’t necessary use elements found in state machine diagrams in sequence or activity diagrams. But, you can show the state of an object as it progresses through the sequence or activity. You’re best bet is to keep a detailed state machine diagram of a specific object separated from other diagrams so you keep the intent clear.


Thank you for your answer I find it rather helpful, but if you don’t mind i have another question which is can we convert a sequence diagram to a state diagram.

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I don’t know of any tools that can make this conversion automatically. Try creating a state machine which is based on the sequence manually.