State Diagram

Please know in advance that I am a beginner on using state diagram.
I was using a state diagram to for a different state to state transition. The problem I am facing is that I do have a different ways of exit action. But I don’t want to draw multiple transition for a single state. For example, I may have 10 ways of going from one state to another state. So drawing 10 transition will be crazy right? So I wanted to just use multiple triggers using just one transition. That was good except, the trigger action is displaying in the transition name filed. And that doesn’t look pretty at all. Is there any ways to hide the triggers or is there a better way to handle a multiple ways with just one transition. Please help, I am going nuts.


Depends on the reason why you have several transitions connecting the two states. Are the actions taken identical for each transition? If yes then you may combine them into a single transition.

Normally events to a transition are generated by the action list from another transition. Otherwise they are externally generated evnts that are recognized by the system. If internal there should not be a problem - all are given the same name such as ‘exit from THIS state’. If external then I would sugest that each is causing a different action to occur and therefore it is not possibler to combine them into one.

Perhaps an example would help me understand the problem.


Thanks Leslie. I have found a solution to my previous question (using a target) or using Tag. But if you are familiar with state diagram, I have another question. Do you mind? :slight_smile:

Is it possible to color a specific do or exit action to match it with the transition color so that people can identify it with color. When I try to color a specific exit or entry or do action, the entire state got colored instead of one specific action. I don’t think it is possible, but I just want to make sure if that is possible or not. The purpose is to make it easily readable. The person who is seeing the state diagram has no idea which transition does which action (you see what I mean). Let me know if you have a better way of doing this.

Thanks Leslie or any one who would like to give me answer on this in advance.

Sorry the upper comment is from me Tena.