State machines - regions

I am using VPUML 5.0. I am trying to model concurrent regions in a composite state.

According to the UML 2.0 spec this is model like UML 1.x with a composite state with a dashed line. How do I acheive this in VPUML?

Tech. Support answered this one for me. I was just missing that fact that all states start out the same in VP-UML. You then add regions to the state to transform it into a composite state. If you add one region you get a non-orthagonal composite state and if you add more you get one or more dashed lines and you have created a orthagonal composite state.

But how to add the second region?

Hi Anonymous,

In order to create multi-regions in a State, you need to right-click on a State object (shape) that already contains a region (either horizontal or vertical), and select Add Region from popup menu.

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