Statemachine diagram - Trrigger tab is missing for transitions


In VP version 14.2 sp1 the trigger tab was always visible at the “Transistion specification” when you make a trasition.

In VP 15, I cannot find a way to add a trigger to a transition (Nor at VP ver 14.2 sp2)

Please help.


Hi Kasper,

In order to reduce clutter in the model element specification window, we only show important tabs (e.g. Attributes/Operations of Class) and default hide the others if the contents in those tabs are empty. For Transition, the “Triggers” tab is considered one of those “important tabs”, so it should be opened by default unless you close it explicitly by clicking the ‘x’ button on the tab.

So I guess you may have accidentally closed this tab, then it won’t show up for Transition whose triggers is empty. To reveal hidden tabs, just click the drop down arrow on the right of the tab headers, and then select those you want to show.


Hope this could help,


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It helped.

I have not noticed the little triangle before. And I dont think I ever pressed it. But now it is solved. Thank you.