Stereotype with default tagged values problem(v6.0)[solved]


It is possible to add tagged values to stereotype, so in future stereotype use, the tagged values are added to the class element.
There is also possibility to add default values for these tagged values. I suppose that this should work like - if I add the stereotype to the class element, then VP-UML automatically add stereotype tagged values and their default values. At this moment tagged values are added correctly, but no defaults(version 6.0 sp1_20070404).

Solution at this moment:
I found one solution, that default values is filled correctly, if I do the following steps:
1)Open Class Specification
2)In Stereotype tab add the stereotype
3)Click on Tagged Values tab and click OK.
The key step is 3., if I don`t click on tagged values tab, then the values are empty.(solution also works if 3. step is before 2.).

But anyway if I add the stereotype to class element from the right click menu or from property window, then the defaults are blank.

If I can help with sample, or you need an explanation(because of my english), let me know.

Hello JSejans,

I got your problem. I will discuss with our engineers and come back to you. Thanks for your post.

Best regards,

Hello JSejans,

Sorry to keep you waiting. I am happy to inform you that the reported problem is fixed in the latest release. You can run the product updater to advance to the latest release that contain the fix. Product updater can be found at $vp-suite-install-dir/bin

Feel free to let me know if you have any questions about the fix.

Best regards,

Yes, the problem is solved in version 6.0 Build sp1_20070412

That’s good. 8)