Stereotypes scope - Workspace vs Project vs logic

Can sombody explain what’s the logic for spliting stereotypes on Workspace and Project areas?

  1. I can create stereotype in Workspace scope but not in the Project scope - why?
  2. I can update stereotype in Project scope but what’s will happen when later someone do the same but in Workspace scope - what’s the logic?

Stereotypes are important part in my repository - I wan’t to understand.


The background to this is based on a requirement that user should able to reuse his stereotypes across projects, but a project is not necessary to work with specific workspace. To achieve this therefore the stereotypes being split into workspace & project scopes. When user define a stereotype it will be in workspace scope. Once it being apply to model then a copy will being created into project (become project scope). This allow use reuse the same stereotype on different projects, while other users open that project can access to that stereotype even he don’t have the same stereotype definition in his workspace.

Hope this can clear your question on this topic.