I’m testing this great tool, in order to not anymore use Rational Software. I want to model web pages, and I’m editing the stereotypes. I use the Community Edition.

My problem is that I need to assign not only the stereotypes but the icons to the objects in diagrams. I place the icon path, and I can view the icon on the left side of the new stereotype’s name, when you select from the list of stereotypes in order to assign the stereotype to a class for example, in class diagram.But, although I have selected in presentation options of the class, that the visibility type is “Icon”, I can’t view the icon changed.

I have discovered that icons for the list of stereotypes are 18x18, jpg,png or gif. But, is there another size for the icon of the object (in the example a class) or format? Or can I not change icon, but only stereotype?

Dear Harry,

The stereotype is only displayed in the diagram as text like <>, currently there is no way to display the stereotype in the diagram as an icon. The “Icon” visibility style is used only for showing the visibility icons of attributes/operations.

Hope this answers your questions.