Stuck on startup screen

I get stuck on startup screen a lot. The whole application just doesn’t start at all. Even if it does, it just totally stopped responding after the program opened up, can’t be used at all.

After some trial and error of following a lot of tutorial from forums and web, I finally tried to look at vp.log file, it is quite big with more than 4k lines of log data.

Then I tried renaming the file to old.vp.log and tried starting the program again and it works great.

A suggestion for the devs, maybe add a patch so that if the log file reach a certain size (character length or line length) move the old log file to another folder for archive and make a new one.

A big log file eats up a lot of working RAM, thus making the startup lags a lot or even stop responding like mine.

Also for forum mods/admin. Please do check on the forum registration, I can’t register an account, it says “JNullPointerException”.

Best Regards,

JaKKs Team

Thank you for your message. By default a large log file would not causing the application fail to start since it will create a new log if it found the previous one more than 1MB size. But sure a 4K lines log file should indicate there are some problem. Would you please zip up the original 4K lines log file and send to so that we can check on it? It may give us some hints about the problem. Thanks!

Best regards,
Rain Wong