Suggestion: Alternative download of HTML, PDF and Online Help files

currently if you install the VP design suite, you are asked if you like to download

Online Help Files

and if you agree, there is a download in the directories

Well I currently have problems with my internet ISP ( so often the DSL connection is reset, or the router does reset itself often ), so I noticed that if once the connection is broken, the download does not restart. Ok thats my problem of course…
but I had to stop the installation and start again,
just to get the installation help files.

Especially it is annoying that the installation service does not detect already (completely) downloaded files.
In general, there is no reason why an installation service should manage a download of XXX additional Megabytes !

So why don´t you provide all help files, already in the proper directory tree, as additional download ( which can be downloaded with a download manager ect, so no problem with restarting the connection ect.) ?

My workaround:
I did some screenshots of the screens of the download windows, and saved them in a RTF file as pictures, so I know the names of the downloaded files.
I started to install the VP suite, and started to download the help files.

I suspended the download of the help files, before the installation starts, by clickin on the (x) in the right upper corner - NOT by pressing the “Cancel” button.

By that, the installation is suspended and I can copy the downloaded files to another location, for next-time installation.
Then I continue the installation.

Hpe that this works well…

Rolf Hemmerling
( Ups… I don´t use the account “Rolf” anymore )