Support for new XMI format

With the next release of eclipse due soon the MDT:UML2 project is now generating files with a later version of xmi.

xmi:version=“20110701” rather than xmi:version=“2.1”

As I understand it this is associated with the move to UML version 2.4.1.

Can anyone indicate if the xmi import into Visual paradigm will support this format in the next few months? Version 9.0 of the VP tool currently appears to reject this format as unsupported.

I am relying on the VP import to round trip Java->UML2->XMI->VP->XMI->UML2->Java MD tooling.

I would like to move to the later eclipse tooling as a number of fixes and enhancements have been incorporated.


Does anyone have any update? version 10 still seems to support up to but not beyond xmi 2.1.

Hello icarr,

Sorry for our late response. Our engineers are investigating on it and will keep you post about our schedule. Feel free to contact us if you have any further queries.

Best regards,
Rain Wong