Support for UML tagged values?

The UML spec defines an extension mechanism called tagged value: TaggedValue A tagged value allows information to be attached to any model element in conformance with its tag definition. Although a tagged value, being an instance of a kind of ModelElement, automatically inherits the name attribute, the name that is actually used in the tagged value is the name of the associated tag definition. The interpretation of tagged values is intentionally beyond the scope of UML semantics. It must be determined by user or tool conventions that may be specified in a profile in which the tagged value is defined. It is expected that various model analysis tools will define tag definitions to supply information needed for their operations beyond the basis semantics of UML. Such information could include code generation options, model management information, or user-specified semantics.

Many tools support the definition of tagged values (TogetherControlCenter, Rose) and the XMI standard supports transport of them.
<Foundation.Extension_Mechanisms.TaggedValue …/>

I can’t find any support in VPuml for them other than in the description of many elements there is the ‘@author’ string which seems to be a notation for tagged value similar to that used in TogetherControlCenter.

I have an important model that uses TaggedValues extensively, but they are not being imported from either the XMI format or the Rose .mdl file.

Dear Michael,

Currently tagged value is not supported in VP-UML. But we will consider supporting this, thanks for your suggestion.