Swimlane partitions disapear


An other problem.
I have an activity diagram with swimlanes (vertical)

After checkin to teamserver the swimlanes are still in the project, but some of them lost the name of the partitions. In the specification of the swimlane is no partition, but on diagram the vertical partitions are shown.

I have tryed the following to solve this.

  • delete corrupt swimlane
  • checkin
  • create new swimlane (with names)
  • checkin
    –> same problem.

Any Idea how to solve this?

kind regards

Hello Holger,

Sorry about the problem. Could you post the log file here? You can find it inside $vp-suite-install-dir/bin/vp.log

Besides, please let me know whether you are using Teamwork Server, CVS or Subversion. Thank you.

Best regards,

Hi Jick.
Sorry for my late response.

I teste it again to reproduce it.
Deleted corrupt swimlane13

Added vertical Swimlane
-> Partitions: “User” and “Atlas”
-> rename to Swimlane_test

-> Patition names are gone, cant rename the partitions

I hope you see something in the Logfile.

The swimlane is named SwimlaneTEST

Hello hsander,

I notice that you are using quite an old release of VP Suite 3.0 SP1. We have recently fixed a number of problems regarding to the Teamwork Server, SVN and CVS integration, especially for containment problem like swimlane to partition. Could you run the product updater to advance to the latest release, and try again? You can find it under the bin folder of VP Suite installation folder.

If this is still problematic, could you send us your project file and let us know which kind of teamwork integration (Teamwork Server, SVN, CVS) are you using?

Best regards,