Syntax For LinkedList

Dear all. I know what a linkedlist does but I am not sure of how to put it as an operation in UML2.0. Can anyone help me?

public void setBusStopList(LinkedList newList)

+setBusStopList(newList: LinkedList):void ???

I am not sure of the part that is underlined and bolded. Can anyone help?

Hi Hitmen,

Thanks for your post. Your sample of operation is correct.

Best regards,
Lilian Wong

Is there any website that I can refer to? I am not sure how to draw the class diagram.

What I mean is I got a LinkedList in a class called XMLDecoder How do I connect it to this class? I need a diagram. Inheritance symbol? Dependency?

Hi user,

You can simply add an attribute and call “LinkedList” as attached image, you can simply model this via inline edit.

Best regards,
Lilian Wong