SysML Activity diagram


I am evaluating VP for use in our institution.
I run into a problem with drawing standard compliant Activity diagrams.
I am unable to draw object flow from decision node to flow end node.
An other problem is the diagram frame which is not shown in the editor, it could be add when exporting diagram but there is no way to place activity parameter node on the border of the frame.

We frequently need to export diagram to be used in articles,
for this reason the ability to draw compact diagrams is very important to us.
The problem is that many diagram nodes cannot be downsized even if there is plenty of space around of text in the node.
Also changing the font doesn’t help. The only option is to resize the diagram during export but it messing up the fonts.

Hi user,

Thank you for your post and sorry for my late reply.

First of all, I doubt if it’s legit to create object node from decision node to flow final node. As I remember object flow can either be created from control node to object node, from object node to control node, or from an output pin to an input pin. Decision node and flow final node are both control nodes and I think that they can only be connected with a control flow. Am I right?

Regarding the need to show parameter node at the edge of diagram, some users like to do in this way: They create a big activity shape that span the whole diagram, and then they add parameter nodes to the left and right hand side of the activity. You may consider this option.

About the minimum size of shape, it’s hard to find out a common agreement among users but I will share your feedback with our team to see if anything we can do about that.

Best regards,
Jick Yeung