Tag a use case "from another package"


In a use case diagram, is it possible to display some informations if a use case is reuse from another package ?

If I have UC1 in package 1 on diagram 1 and UC2 in package 2 in diagram 2, and if I drop UC2 on package 1 on diagram 1, it allows us to identify that UC2 comes from another package. Some other tools propose the notation << packageName>> placed on the top of the use case and (from packageName) at the bottom of the use case.

This is an example for fragment package :slight_smile:

Thanks for your response

In UML we have: Use Case can be use (be a part of) more than one in differents subjects. We use name (Use Case is a NamedElement) as ID… In different words: we can use one Use Case more than one time in a differents subjects.

Yes I Know, but is it possible to display that a use case is in another package ? In a complex use case diagram, it is important to have this kind of information.

Thank you

Hi alexxx69,

Sorry but we don’t currently have this option. Such option exists for Package and Class (which is called “Show Owner”) but not for Use Case.

As a workaround, you could use the select in tree feature to locate it in the Model Explorer, that way you can reveal the model element hierarchy of interested use cases.

Hope this helps,