Tasifier - stand alone? No link to business process flow or flowcharts?

I have a feeling I know the answer to this. Here’s the use case…

In planning a project I use a business process diagram with tasks. Once I’ve done the flow in enough detail I a pretty good lists of tasks to be done.

I was hoping that those tasks could be propagated directly over to tasifier and then I could make a gantt chart.

It doesnt’ look like that is the case… Has anyone else had a similar use case and gotten it to work?

Hi Mike,

At the moment we didn’t direct method to convert a task in BPD into the tasks in Tasifier. But you can create a PERT chart (supported in Professional Edition) as the sub-diagram of a task in BPD. After that you can model the execution task in PERT chart and synchronize it to Tasifier become executable tasks (see https://www.visual-paradigm.com/features/enhanced-pert-chart/ ). Hope this can help.

Best regards,
Rain Wong

Hi Mike, you can use transform capability to create the pert from your bpd too. Also, you can send each task to backlog, and then when it is a user story you can then assign it to resource to work on there. Not sure if that links back into tasifier though. Give it a try.