Team Server issues while setup and use

I wanted to try out the VP Server feature of Visual Paradigm and while reading through and exploring options for VPServer, found few issues which did not allowed me to run VP Server on my local.


  1. Unzipped ‘’ from ‘resouces’ folder.
  2. under VPServer\scripts, ran ‘startup.bat’


  1. gave ‘JRE_HOME’ issue and found out that ‘resources\VPServer\webserver\bin\catalina.bat’ has entry for ‘JRE_HOME’ which is set to ‘…\jre’
    I changed it to point to the correct location for my system.

  2. When startup.bat is started, it did not stop but there is an error as below
    java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: javax/ws/rs/ProcessingException

  3. I m not able to connect to localhost:1999 or which I was expecting it to run

  4. Through Visual Paradigm window using ‘Team > Select Repository’ I have been shown only option to ‘Setup the Local Workspace’. Other options which are ‘Sign up VP Online’ and ‘Existing Registered User Log-in’ are disabled.

  5. Would like to test collaboration but there does not seems to an option to add more users through Tasifier…since it could not send the mail to the user.

Can you please let me know how to resolve these issues?

Hi Nikhil,

I’m afraid that you are not setting up the VP Server in the correct way. The one insider resources folder is customized for single user use (we call it embedded server). For real team collaboration you will need to use another installation package. Unfortunately this package is not open to download for evaluation. Please contact to obtain the evaluation version of VP Server.

Best regards,
Rain Wong