Text Clipped

Sometimes after spending a while editing a diagram, I notice that the boxes surrounding text items have become smaller, and the text inside has been clipped. See below for an example where the bottom of the words Product Enquiry have been cut off.

I didn’t make this box smaller. It must have happened as a result of some edit that I did, probably moving some items around, or making a pool narrower or wider. It’s very annoying, because before issuing a diagram this means that I have to go round and inspect all the text items to make sure they are still showing properly.
Sounds like a bug to me…

Hello Rowan,

Would you mind send me your project file to have a look?

Best regards,

I can send you my project file, but you need to keep it confidential since it contains proprietary information belogning to my client. Please would you confim that you will do this?

Which version would you like? I have 35 versions (I’ve been a bit paranoid about saving it several times a day until we get these problems sorted out).

Do you just want the latest verson (on which I have probably fixed the problem that I was complaining about), or do you want a version that actually exhibits this problem?

Thanks - Rowan