Textual analisys not displayed

While working with project, following issue occures 3 times. After i saved project, then closed VPCE 16.3, and day later tries to work on it again, textual analisys just wont be displayed. Its in there, use case diagram is working and using candidate items from TA, but i cant work with TA no longer, because its not being displayed. Will send project file after being able to, closed feature for new users.

Hi cikle290,

Thank you for your post. We have just performed some testing but are unable to reproduce the same problem. Could you open the Project Browser, and see if the Textual Analysis (diagrams) can be found there? To open the Project Browser, select View > Project Browser from the main menu.

If they are not presented, please report your case by submitting a ticket here:

Please include a screenshot (or some screenshots) that shows your steps and your log file. You can export a log file from the About window (by selecting Help > About… from the application)

Best regards,
Jick Yeung