Textual analysis, crc

I like the textual analysis tool, but I feel like it could be more useful. once you have a bunch of candidate classes, you should be able to drag them onto a crc diagram to add cards with the same name. it lets you create classes from them, but the classes aren’t even given the name of the candidate class so I don’t see what the point is.

I think the crc diagram could be useful, but missed the mark. it’s easier to use index cards. the cards are a bit hard to look at with the high contrast colors and thick lines. data entry is cumbersome (right click on field, then left click on sub-context menu to add). for some reason data entry is in a huge font, but once its entered it becomes normal. the auto resize that class diagrams have would be nice here. also, if they were easier to use you wouldn’t need that instruction bar at the bottom of each card.

I like that CRCs can be dragged onto class diagrams and attributes and operations are filled in. well done.

It looks like the CRC diagram was written a long time ago and fell by the wayside as more important diagrams were improved. I guess that’s fine, index cards are ok, but if I were to improve them the above list is where I’d start.

Hi ianxm,

Thank you for the kind suggestions regarding to textual analysis and crc tool. I will pass your post on to our development team to look into it as possible future enhancements, and get back to you when any improvement has been made.

If there are any more suggestions, you are most welcome to contact us again!

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Unfortunately, besides the above capability, CRC cards aren’t really integrated with the UML diagrams, so there isn’t really any reason to enter the CRC card information into the program. I would have thought the CRC card relationships would also be converted into UML relationships using the superclasses, subclasses, attributes, and collaborators already specified on the cards. I thought this was the purpose of including them in the software in the first place.

Hi there!

I’d like to know whether I could automatically convert the tool’s CRC digital card into UML diagrams, notably class and sequence and activity diagrams.

According to this 2006’s post, it’s not possible, however, it’s been a long time since then…Could you please confirm it?

Thank you for your attention.

Hi calv887,

We haven’t changed the implementation of CRC card since then. Currently what it can do in relation to UML diagrams, as ianxm had pointed out above, is if you drag a CRC card from Model Explorer to a class diagram, a class will be created with attributes generated from the card’s attributes, and operations generated from the card’s responsibilities. But super classes, sub classes are ignored.

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