The command Tools.StartSDEVS is not valid


Has anyone a solution for the Tools.StartSDEVS problem?

Long story:

I have installed VP, standalone and for VS.
Visual Studio 7.1.3088, .Net Framework 1.1.4322
I started with run_sdevs.exe and got the error “The command Tools.StartSDEVS is not valid.” I started vs (7.1)as usual - saw the menu entries as mentioned in documentation, but nothing happend pressing them.

I deinstalled everything, restarted the computer - and really all menu entries in visual studio were gone. Fine.
I installed VP again, the same - but now I even have no menu entries.

The visual studio was installed by the programmer, who used the computer before me - with an other profile. But both we have administrator rights.

I additionally have VS 7.0 installed - unfortunately I have to use this one for work.


I reinstalled vs and vp and now it works