'The' Solution for C++ UML?

Not being entirely sure what stage the C++ capabilities are at for the VP software, I guess maybe I would like to ask a more general question, either to those who have the setup I am looking for or from tech who can offer the direction to follow.

I want to develop C++ code using UML in a full life cycle manner, that is to say no simple export/import/generation of C++ or UML but really integrated.
I want to be able to generate as near to ISO code as possible so I can use my final C++ on other platforms not supported by the VP tools, such as Linux.
What would VP’s solution be for this and if there are levels of advanced capabilities from the product line, what is offered at each level? Not just planned or java-only, but stuff I can take advantage of with C++ right now?


Dear sir,
Thank you for your suggestion. Actually we have developed a total C/C++ UML integrated solution in Eclipse CDT. But it is still under the testing progress. We hope to release an early access as soon as possible.



Is there any news about this CDT integration ?

always in testing process or released ?

thanks in advance

Iwant the solution of C++