Togaf EA Projects with single Architecture Repository

Good day, Is it possible to use a single project (Togaf) for more then one deliverable or architecture.

Usually you would like to have one Architecture Repository that contains all your collateral.

Looking at the Visual P tool, It seems that I can only ever create 1 of each (Architecture Vision, SOW etc,. Having therefore VP project for every project means that I will not have a single architecture repository.
Or am I missing something. ?

Dear cs00657,

Thank you for your post. Currently we only support one Architecture Repository per architecture. I will forward your comment to our team for further studies.

Best regards,
Jick Yeung

Is is possible to use referenced projects as perhaps a work around ? Never tried to - hence asking. But yes I agree with the OP - I havent yet used ADM support in anger but having to treat everything as one project is impractical if using the guided workflow yet we need a single repository to enable x-project or x-domain reuse