Total beginner needs help please!

Could anyone give me a hand with a UML diagram I’m working on from a book, it’s like an informal specification that I am working on turning into a UML class diagram. I hope that makes sense! :smiley: Anyway I have my list of nouns for objects and verbs for associations(?). Could anyone possibly tell me which of my nouns are relevant and which aren’t, otherwise I don’t really know where to begin? Hopefully someone’s kind enough to help a newbie! :lol:

Given the following informal specification, identify the list of all potential objects and produce a list of objects relevant to the problem. Then you are required to draw a UML class diagram with a number of generalization associations for the following description:

A family consists of a father (John), a mother (Jane), two sons (Peter & Paul) and two daughters (Elizabeth & Mary). John is an actor and Jane is a dentist. All the children are students and the family dog is Lassie. Their family doctor is Alice. This family owns a house in the suburbs. Mowing the family lawn is normally a chore for the father. The children will also mow lawns if they are paid. Working within the district is Jack, a professional lawn mower.

One morning, Jane notices that the lawn needs mowing, so she mentions to John that it is time to mow the lawn. John agrees and says that he will mow the lawn this evening. Later that evening, John comes home exhausted from a long day at the drama studio and decides to pay one of his children to mow the lawn. He asks Mary to mow the lawn for £5. Mary agrees; however, Mary knows that Jack, a professional lawn mower, will mow the lawn for £4. Mary therefore calls Jack who agrees to mow the lawn that day. Jane comes home later that evening and sees the lawn is mown. Thinking that John has mowed the lawn; she compliments him on its neat appearance.

My list of nouns is as follows:

Two Sons
Two Daughters
Family Dog
Family Doctor
Family Lawn
Lawn Mower

Many thanks to anyone kind enough to help me!