Trouble identifying an actor


I’m designing a manager for autonomous entities in a simulation.
for example I have the use cases “create entity” or “delete entity”. for this the actor is clear: its the user entering commands into the GUI.

but another thing is for example: the management system is in control of several hosts which executes the entities. in regular intervals it measures the load of that hosts and if a host is overloaded, it transfers an entity to another host with free capacity.
but who is the actor for this use case “transfer entity”?
the management system triggers the action itself, but itself it can’t be an actor, because it can be changed and is the thing I want to model.

how would you solve that issue?

Many thanks in advance!

Often the Time can be an actor. If you make it on time regular, you can put the time as the actor who initiates the Case of Use.

Also, it seems to me that also you should create an actors’ hierarchy, one would be the system Manager, and different would be the hosts.