Trouble with Generate Database Option

I have a database model stored inside DB Visual Architect Java Edition. I am trying to use the Tools…ORM…Generate Database menu item with the following options:

Generate: Database Only
Deploy To: Standalone Application
Generate DDL checked
Export to Database unchecked
Column Order: Normal
Connection: JDBC

When I click “Test Connection”, the message says “Connect successful.” However, when I run the database code generation, I receive the following error message:

“The name of foreign key “fk_name” is duplicated.”

I was adding a new table to my schema which has foreign key relationships to existing tables. After the error message started appearing, I manually added my new table (by using generate SQL after right-clicking on my object in Visual Paradign) but this did not solve the foreign key problem.

Do you have any suggestions about what might be causing the problem?

Hi user,

Thanks for your post. Would you mind to send me your project file for investigation? Thanks in advance!

Best regards,
Lilian Wong