UI freezes on linux

What version of java is VPUML 2.1 tested with? I am using 1.4.1_02 on linux.
The following strange thing happens:
My project saved with VPUML 2.0 is loaded, I can access the diagrams but as soon as I try to modify a diagram (add an use case for instance) the UI freezes and I have to kill the process.

Could you send us the project?

Unfortunatelly I cannot send the project file. I have noticed also that as soon as I select an element in a diagram the UI freezes - nothing can be done other than kill it.

OK, I will send you and special version that can detect the bugs.

I’m having the same problem, specifically when I try to create a new Class inside a new Class diagram or edit existing one.
On the other hand, I can draw Sequence diagrams with no problems.

Can I get a copy of this “special version” of CE also? This sounds like the same problem being discussed in the “Download and Installation” forum on the “CE 2.1 Freezes” thread.

Actually, I just realized a problem. I’m not sure my mailer can take a 68Meg file. Is there an alternative way I can get the debug version?