UI Redraw issue is VS.NET 2003


I am using the community edition of the SDE for VS.NET 2003. I was doing some coding and closed the current code window by right clicking the tab at the top of the window and selecting close.

From that point on the main area (where code normally appears) doesn’t semm to refresh. I tried minimize and then maximize again to see if that forced a redraw and now I can see my desktop through the IDE.

If I open any item (code window, form designer, any SDE window) everything works fine. In fact it doesn’t stop me working at all but just thought you should know.

Note that it appears to be leaving a remnant of a window open in the IDE as you can see a small tab at the top of the main area with no title.

Hope this is useful.

Apart from that, great software and an upgrade to a commercial use version is on the cards.


Simon Rigby

SDE Screen shot.JPG

Dear Simon,

Thanks for reporting this problem to us. We will investigate it as soon as possible.




Further problem.

I tried adding a diagram and was told that onyl one diagram of each type allowed in Community Edition. It asked me if I wished to upgrade to Evaluation Version which I did.

Now when I start Visual Studio (Even without SDE) if I click the pin on a toolbox VS freezes.

Again, thought you should know.

By the way I uninstalled SDE, re-installed it and repeated the process with exaclty the same results.



Dear Simon,

Thanks again for your information. We shall look into this problem.




Have you tried updating your java runtime plug-in?
I was having the same problems, which were resolved when I updated my java plug-in from the control panel.