UML begginer help

How can create class diagram or any other well suited diagram from this C++ code. I mainly want to know how to handle typedefs.

class KeyItem{ string name, int value};

typedef std::map<string,KeyItem> KeyItemMap;
typedef std::multiset<KeyItemMap> KeyItemMapSet;
class KeyElement{
KeyItemMapSet m_set;

typedef std::map<string,KeyElement*> KeyElementMap;
KeyElementMap c_keys; 

Thanks in advance.

Hi Tomas,

Thanks for your message. You can reverse the source code by Instant Reverse (supported in VP-UML/SDE Standard Edition or above). If you are using SDE for Visual Studio (SDE-VS), you can synchronize the code from your Visual Studio project to model in your SDE project (this feature is supported in SDE Professional Edition for Visual Studio).

About typedefs, we will reverse them as classes with stereotype <>. The attached image is the result of running Instant Reverse.

More details about Instant Reverse can be found from the following link:

If there is any further inquiry, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Best regards,
Lilian Wong