Uml class diagram model update - new class

Hi I am evaluating VP and find that updating the UML class diagram is not working when I add new class in the java project. Using eclipse plugin.

VP version 16.2, Eclipse version 2020-06, VP Eclipse plugin 1.0.1

More info.
Crating a class in the uml diagram and hitting “Update code” button creates a class code in the java. project but creating a class code in the java project and hitting “Update UML diagram” doesn’t create a class in the diagram.
Creating attributes and updating them on both sides work fine.

I have Auto synchronize turn on.

Dear Emil,

Please check the Model Explorer (View > Panes > Model Explorer) to see if the class model is there. If yes, you can drag and drop it to the diagram where you want to visualize it.

Best regards,
Jick Yeung

Thanks, Jick for pointing this out, I am aware of that feature but it doesn’t provide what I am looking for.
I am trying to understand the logic behind the VP. Developers usually are not so keen on using the UML designer, they create classes by hand so I was expecting the VP eclipse plugin to pick these changes from the project and update the diagram, preferably coloring the newly added classes and attributes.

I am thinking in terms of multiple roles in dev team, UML designer, coders…


Hi Emil,

Thank you for your reply. Because a model element (i.e. a class, for your case) can be visualized in any diagram, and even in multiple diagrams for context-based visualization, we do not tell which diagram is the right one to visualize a newly generated class. However, if the class is already exist, the update process will update the existing views by apply changes like adding and updating attributes and operations.

Best regards,
Jick Yeung